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Patterns are not finished garments, not pictures that are self-sufficient, but some mandatory intermediate step in sewing. The more accurate the pattern, the less effort is required to fit and plant the product, the more time can be given to other mandatory steps: technology, finishing, planting and the higher will be the final quality of the product. Adjustment of a product under a figure is required in any case, it is possible to do it in a ready cut, but faster and more easily to consider features of a figure at a stage of creation of cuttings. Therefore, it is better if the pattern is individual.
In order to know how the system works it is recommended to order a free pattern first, enter your measurements and email address Free patterns
When you tested the system you can order paid models. You can pay for pattern during a checkout or register as a user. Order counts as Units: one Unit is one kit of clippings belong to one model and one size.You can buy from one unit, to pay through a PayPal or E-transfer.

How to buy a pattern. Picture instruction

To order a cut, you can use a simplified or advanced mode that allows you to enter the shape characteristics and select additional file formats. It is possible to prepare a more complete description of the figure in the form of a string of sizes and use this line when ordering. The size string can be prepared in print-lk or created and ordered on the website.
Formation of size lines
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System explained

"How does it works ?"
You choose a model and enter your size: height, chest, waist and thighs. The system accepts your order, reads the model number and dimensions. These dimensions are automatically used to calculate the rest of the dimensions (arm length, back length, etc.) and form a conditional-type figure.
Each model has its own design methodology. On this technique and the received sizes templates are under construction.

"How clothing made out your patterns fits ?"
Assessing the fitting of a product is quite subjective. With the same size, one person loves more room, and the other person loves a tight fit. With the estimates of women's models is even more difficult. Taste and color ... etc.
Fitting of the product made according to our templates corresponds to the opinion of the designer who created the method for a particular model. This is his personal opinion on the model being created. And in it the designer is similar to the artist. Perhaps not everyone can agree with the designer's opinion, but it is impossible to make a method that everyone will like.
The model templates are sold on an "as is" basis. I.e. the patterns are built by the system automatically according to the entered dimensions and are not modified according to individual orders.
Our templates take into account the main user's sizes, and the templates created by our system are different from the magazine's patterns.

"How to build individual patterns on 6 sizes ?"
The patterns in the system are not built on 6 sizes, and the construction, like other methods, used 10-20 sizes. On leading sizes the conditionally typical figure (80 sizes) is formed and construction is carried out taking into account these sizes. Naturally, the individual features of the figure (posture, inclination of shoulders, etc.) are not taken into account in templates. Therefore, if a figure differs from a conditionally typical one, it will not be taken into account in the patterns. It is possible to order 5 sizes and characteristics of the figure (at present 11 characteristics that influence the description of the figure and are taken into account in the construction). In this case, the patterns will be more consistent with the shape.
In the future, it is planned to increase the number of sizes to be entered, but measurements should be made by qualified users, as measurement errors will affect the quality of fit of the product. That is why it is used to take dimensional features from digital photography with the reconstruction of a 3D maneken.

"Is that fine just cut out from your patterns ?"
Before we reveal it, we must adhere to the old tailor's principle: seven times to measure - one cut. It is necessary to take into account the addition of a free fit, the properties of the fabric, on which the model is focused. The patterns help you to get a product with a good fit, but the way of remote automatic construction of patterns can not guarantee a 100% excellent result. After several orders, you can get an idea of how to match the patterns to your shape.




Service Agreement

Order and drafting patterns over the internet

1. The system allows you to accept an order from the user to build the selected the models according to the sizes entered by the user, build the patterns calculated by Send the clippings to a user-defined email address according to the transferred dimensions, Email clippings received by the user can be printed on the printer in full-size using an additional program posted on the website for free download.

2. Patterns are based on dimensional features entered by users with additions included in the method of constructing the patterns.

3. Patterns are built automatically on the principle of "as is", based on the knowledge and experience of designers who create methods of constructing patterns. Within the framework of the provided service, individual modification of templates is not performed at the user's request. If it is not provided by the system, then additional individual sizes and individual features of the user's figure are not taken into account. Since the system does not produce pre-prepared files, but builds clippings based on the data entered by the user, it does not guarantee the construction of patterns when entering arbitrary values of dimensional features. The system is focused on a reasonable range of dimensions and efforts are made to expand the number of conditionally typical figures for which the construction of a particular model is carried out. However it does not guarantee construction on any sizes and the user is given possibility to check possibility of construction on the concrete sizes free of charge and to estimate the complete set of patterns before purchase.

4. Before purchasing a payment card and using the templates service The user can test the service itself on free models. The user is obliged to test the possibility of receiving e-mails with attached files to your e-mail address and the ability to print templates to printer.
Claims about the impossibility to accept the file or impossibility to print the received aren't accepted.

5. By paying for the pattern or registering the prepaid card, the user confirms his or her agreement with the scheme of work described.



Security and privacy of payments

We do not accept payment on our website and do not sell passwords directly, only through payment systems and online stores. Therefore, we do not have any personal data of users, especially with their payment details. We store only the pin code and the attached e-mail address. Therefore, we cannot say nothing about the user's payments or the delivery of the goods (physical or digital). Protection of personal data of users is carried out on the side of certified payment systems and online stores.

Printing programs do not require or work with the Internet, do not make updates, do not collect or transmit any data. If photographs are used when working with dimensional features, these photographs are stored only in a file specified by the user. Transfer of these files is possible only by the user and only through additional programs (e-mail, Skype, etc.). When placing an order for the construction of clippings to individual sizes, the user independently transmits to the site only a text string with packed information only about the values of dimensional features. The above mentioned also applies to programs for independent design.

PDF files are formed in the text form, do not contain any additions that allow to execute or run on the execution of any program code. All information in the file is stored in an open form available for viewing (but not for editing) through any text editor. Files lek2, lek3 contain graphical information in packed form and do not contain any executable code.

Some inconveniences connected with the program (installation, updating, replenishment of the list of models, necessity of direct work with files) are connected with maintenance of a transparency of performance of functions, absence at the program of actions which are not supervised by the user. Programs are not registered in the Windos registry, do not install additional libraries, do not replace system files. The folder with the program can be freely copied or mixed to any disk.

Programs do not require additional programs or libraries to be installed, all the necessary functions are available in any standard version of Windows.




Executors of works on construction of patterns, developers of programs of printing of patterns, developers of algorithms of construction of models are:

OOO Vilar Soft, Taxpayer ID 7727080386, OGRN 1037700117850, OKPO 17242658, contact tel. (780) 8194284, e-mail:

Services are provided remotely electronically and automatically. Correspondence with users is carried out by e-mail or phone. Executing firms are not direct recipients of payments, so All issues related to crediting of funds shall be resolved in accordance with the rules of work of the respective payment systems. The refund of the transferred funds is possible in case of gross violation by the executors of the conditions of provision of services, if the user could not test the quality of the services provided in advance. Question of refund is decided in accordance with the rules of the payment system through which the payment was made, with all expenses retained directly related to payment processing.



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