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Why should the patterns be individual?
Pattern is not a finished garment, not a painting that is self-sufficient, but some mandatory the intermediate stage of sewing. The more precise the cut, the less effort it takes to fit and fit the product, the more time you can devote to other mandatory steps: technology, finishing, planting, and the higher the final product quality. Adjustment of the product to the shape is required in any case, you can do it in the finished cut, but faster and it is easier to take into account the peculiarities of the figure at the stage of creating the patterns. Therefore, it is better if the pattern is individual.

How do I check the system?
There are free patterns for this. Maybe these aren't the models you want to get, but you can check them out How to make an order, get the patterns, which file format is more suitable for you and how to print the patterns.

Free order of pattern designs built to individual sizes
Free order of the design of cuttings built to individual sizes is used to check the design on the specific dimensional features entered. If patterns are ordered in pdf format, a pdf file is sent consisting of two sheets of paper. The first sheet gives the construction on the background of the decimeter grid, the second sheet gives a list the dimensional features on which the structure was built. When ordering in lek2 format, the construction can be viewed in to the print-lk program. In addition, the design can be measured with an electronic centimeter and compared to other paid and with free designs.
What to order a free design for. First of all, to make sure that you understand the set of clippings that will be sent to you in case of a paid order. Second, you can measure the individual Areas: lengths and widths of parts, product lengths, etc., you can estimate the additions to the design. Better it's done before you pay for the cuttings, not to mention that it has to be done before the fabric is cut. In each The designs have their own additions (for freedom of fit and model), each design is focused on its own the type of fabric, so the additional free test will allow you to understand the peculiarities of the design in advance and save time in the sewing process.

What kind of printer do you need?
Provides almost any printer. To print pdf files with A4-A3 sheet format, select when ordering clippings. For lek files, the sheet size is selected before printing.

Can I print on a plotter?
Yes. Or from lek files via print-lk or from plt (HTML) files via third-party programs.

What do I need a computer for?
Any computer is modern enough. When using Windows XP or higher, you can order patterns in lek format and print via print-lk. Printing via print-lk does not require installation of additional programs and drivers. To print pdf files, you need to install AdobeReader (usually installed on a computer). Alternative pdf viewers may not support standard in full and incorrect to display and print patterns.

Email address selection
Check out your email address. Popular service switched to UTF8 mail encoding, not to display messages in other encodings correctly, and most importantly, not to use Windows-1251 encoding. We won't. discuss how strange it is for a company operating in the Russian market to give up the most popular of the Russian encoding and even remove the converters. The fact is that the most common letters written in Russian letters in the web-interface of your mail is not displayed: it is displayed in Latin letters, but not in Russian letters. But e-mails received by the user are not displayed. in POP3 mail programs come in an undistorted form.
We therefore recommend using mail where there are no handmade problems, e.g. Yandex, Rambler or to receive mail to a computer without using the advanced web-interface
We duplicate the Russian text with Latin letters. That's why if you still use the web-interface, then read the Russian text written in Latin letters (as before in not russified pagers or cellular phones). If you have registered an address at, you have transferred units to it and are experiencing difficulties from of the web interface, you can always set up a different address and convert the units to it.

I didn't get a letter with the patterns, what do I do?
First, check your mail. If there is a spam folder, check if there are any mails in that folder. If it was for a fee the order, then order the statistics. If the statistics show that your order is fulfilled, you can order a second time sending the file to the same or different address. Units will not be discarded when resending. If it was free order, you can repeat it to another address. Mail servers are reliable enough, but they are working over the Internet and there may be transmission failures. Every day we do not reach the addressees about 0.1% of letters.

Paid order, entering a PIN code for cuttings built to individual sizes
For the paid order of cuttings it is necessary to choose a paid variant of the order and in the order form to enter a pin-code. Before paid orders the PIN-code must be registered in the system.
Free order of the design of cuttings built on individual sizes is used for checking designs for specific dimensional features entered. If the patterns are ordered in pdf format, the following is sent a pdf file consisting of two sheets. The first sheet gives a construction on the background of a decimeter grid, on The second sheet gives a list of dimensional features on which the structure was built. When ordering in the format lek2 construction can be viewed in print-lk program. Besides, you can measure the construction with the help of electronic centimetre and compare with other paid and free designs.
What to order a free design for. First of all, to check that you are right you understand the set of clippings that will be sent to you in case of a paid order. Second, you can measure individual areas: length and width of parts, length of the product, etc., you can estimate the additions to the design. It is better to do it before the paid order of cuttings, not to mention that it should be done before cutting the fabric. In each The designs have their own additions (for freedom of fit and model), each design is focused on its own the type of fabric, so the additional free test will allow you to understand the peculiarities of the design in advance and save time in the sewing process.

If this is the first time you've decided to order a short list of recommendations
First, take your time. First order free patterns (even if you don't like the models) and check what you can: receive e-mails with attached files, save the file on disk, view the pattern and print it out. This requires an extra 10 minutes, but solves all the technical difficulties.
If you've solved the technical issues, you can move on to the models. The most common is Question: I thought the model was longer/shorter, wider/better, but it was different. The model wasn't different, she's always what the designer made her. So you need to get information about the model before ordering it for a fee and decide if this is the model you wanted. This is especially true for those who know about the desired increases. It's a... fast, free of charge. This eliminates long correspondence on forums about additions and extensibility of materials.
Any model looks different from one material to another. Take a look at our photos and user photos. Photos of turtlenecks made of highly stretchable knitwear, dresses made of of natural silk, pictures made on the basis of sewn models of model knitwear, all this should to help make a decision about the model.
After you have chosen a model that suits you, you need to decide what size it is to order. You can limit yourself to the leading dimensional features: height, chest circumference, chest circumference, circumference waistline, hip circumference, taking into account the bulge of the abdomen. It is possible to specify the dimensional features by forming an order line with with the characteristics of the figure. A line can be formed through a form on the site or in the print-lk program. In any of the following case, make a free order first to clarify the appearance of the clippings that you will then receive in a paid option. When ordering a lek2 pattern, you can visually compare the patterns with each other, overlapping cut-outs on each other.
The next question is payment. The fastest way is electronic payment. We have 9 stores, which accept almost all types of payment. You just have to choose the easiest (and maybe the cheapest by commission) method of payment. Please note that each store has its own terms of payment and receipt of goods. If you have any questions, please contact You should contact the store where you purchased the product. With a certain skill from payment to receipt the patterns in your mail are like seven to eight minutes. And when you pay for several cuttings at once, the price of each cut it's getting cheaper. To top up your account, you can buy a 15-digit password and transfer units from the password for the pin code.

What's the pin code for?
For security reasons, to protect your account. To prevent anyone from ordering a cut to your email address . No one from your mail will receive a pattern, but they could use the account resource to unnecessary models and unnecessary dimensions.

Install a print program
In order to install the printing program you can read in the description programs to account for the individual characteristics of the figure print-lk.pdf. Download the program according to the individual characteristics of the figure by clicking here print-lk233.exe (20 mb)

Basic concepts
Order of cuttings - filling in the form on the site and sending the data for further processing. The answer comes to the specified e-mail address, usually within 5-7 minutes, if the e-mail address is correct, the mail server is working correctly and the user has created a valid order. If an incorrect address is entered, a failure has occurred on the user's mail server, or the user has made a mistake when activating the password, the answer will not come.
Format of the pattern file - 3 formats are currently used:
pdf - the layout of the clippings is divided into sheets of A4 format with fields of 1 cm. Printing is possible through Adobe Reader (alternative programs may not fully support the standard pdf format and give an error).
>plt - vector layout of clippings. The file can be printed through our print_lk2 program or imported into a vector editor, for example, CorelDraw.
lek2 is our vector format for ordering clippings by e-mail. The file lek2 contains pictures of appearance, technical drawing and model construction, which can be measured and compared with other design, and in a paid version contains the layout of templates for printing. The advantage of this format is that you can change the layout, delete/add the patterns to the layout.
Units is a user's conditional resource for ordering clippings by e-mail. Each password corresponds to a certain number of units that are consumed when ordering. Currently, the pattern pattern pattern is one size - 1 unit, with seam allowance - 2 units, the open algorithm - 15 units.
Dimensions - the main dimensional features for ordering cuttings: height, chest circumference, under the chest, waist and thighs (taking into account the convexity of the abdomen). Patterns are built from scratch: the basic dimensional features are used to determine the conditional-type figure and for this figure the construction is built and the pattern is simulated.
Dimensions in the form of an order line - information about individual sizes in a compressed form. It is used to transfer individual sizes in the order. It is formed in the program print_lk23 on the description of a figure by the user or at form filling on a site. The line contains only sizes sizes without the additional information (a full name, the e-mail address, photos etc. are not transferred).
Pin-code - 4 digits, used to order paid cuttings, associated with a specific e-mail address.
Password for ordering cuttings - 15 digits. It is necessary to refill the user's account.
Activation code - 3 digits, used only when recharging the user's account.

Possible problems and solutions
Free models should be used to check the system operation: order patterns for individual sizes in different formats, check the possibility of accepting e-mails with attached files, and print out the possibility. All this is available without payment and registration in the system and allows you to get an idea of all the possibilities available for future paid orders.
The main mistake when ordering is wrong e-mail address. Error in typing, old address, full mailbox address, server errors. Let's say you order at and check at . A separate problem is excessive fight against spam. For foreign mail servers (we will admit gmail) all letters with the enclosed file from a zone ru will be considered as a spam, i.e. the "lost" letter on such servers it is necessary to search first of all in the spam filter. For testing and checking of technical problems at our site there are free models: it is possible to choose the mail server accepting letters, to check reception of the enclosed files (it is necessary to note problems with preservation of files in Opera browser), to check up possibility of printing of templates on the printer-plotter.
If letters with free models arrive and patterns are printed, you can buy "units" to order paid patterns. To do this, you need to register the pin-code and e-mail address in the system and transfer the required amount through ROBOKASSA or IntellectMoney. You can buy the password for electronic money directly in Yandex Money or Kiwi Wallet and top up your account. We do not accept payment, so we do not know who bought the password, where and when. All problems with getting a password need to be solved with the seller you paid for.
After successful registration and account refill you can order paid templates. But it's better not to rush, but to order the chosen model for the selected dimensions for free in pdf format, if a cursory glance at the design is enough, or in lek2 format, if you want to measure the patterns and compare them with other models or sizes. Remember that all models are different, with different additions, oriented to different fabrics, so it is better to measure free patterns on the computer screen than glued and cut.

Why do I have to order the patterns and not just download them?
Cuttings cannot be downloaded, because cuttings are not stored on the server, but are rebuilt each time based on the dimensions you enter. If you have entered the height of 166, you will get the patterns not on the standard height of 164, but built on the height of 166. That is, the waist height, back length, arm length will match this height. This also applies to the girths.

Comparison of the CD-R "Computer Model Journal" with the order of clippings by e-mail.

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