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Accounting system

Paid orders for cuttings built to individual sizes

When ordering a paid pattern, it can be paid directly at the time of ordering or within of the user account. The user account is maintained in "units" and linked to the e-mail address. One "unit" is one set of clippings for one model per size. An invoice can be replenish directly, through payment aggregators, or with a password (card).

 Saving the address and pin code on this computer


step 1

 Address registration and PIN code receipt

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Deposit by payment systems

Press for payment
 We will add the "units" for 4-6 hours

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step 3

Order of paid Patterns from the catalogue with pin-code

When ordering without a pin code, a free design is built on the entered dimensions

Go to Order cataloque

step 4

To receive statistics


 Ordering statistics (e-mail address)

Enter your email address to get statistics.
Enter your email address (e-mail)  

If you have entered your email address and password correctly, you will receive a list of orders containing resource value, number of units to be discarded, date, email address, model number, name of file sent, basic dimensions:

19 1 2013-09-13 5307 mail\00645870.lek 159_90_73_99


 Send order files again via email

(for orders whose file numbers are visible in the statistics, but letters with files have not arrived, files are stored for about a month)
Enter the email address to which the order was sent
Enter the email address to which you want to resend your order
If you just need to resend to the same address, leave the field blank
e-mail 2
Enter the order number (file number from statistics, e.g. 530755, DO NOT ENTER MODEL NUMBER)


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